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Always Something

Last summer, after we had finished the garage apartment, my one request to Tripp was this: “Please, Dear, can we be done with renovating for a while.” We’ve been renovating our house for the past five years and I’m tired.  … Continue reading

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Ice Ice Baby (The Lamest Blog Post Title Ever)

Well if 16 inches of snow wasn’t enough to reinforce that we are smack-dab right in the middle of winter, these colossal icicles definitely bring the message on home. Take a look at these babies! This batch in the corner … Continue reading

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Ten Things – Signs your family may have cabin fever

Day four and it’s snowing again… Snowing again. Did you get that?  It’s snowing again. Things are starting to get a little dicey in my neck of the woods.  I’m a homebody – no doubt about – but I don’t … Continue reading

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Doggie Snow Day

My dogs are seriously unimpressed with the snow.  Their routine is completely womperjawed. Womperjawed = Discombobulated = Disoriented = Upset This is how a typical day goes: Go outside for morning “business” Come inside and check each others’ food bowl Perform … Continue reading

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A day in the life of the 2011 blizzard

What a difference a day (or three) makes! The weathermen nailed this storm. I came downstairs at 6:30 right after my AMS message from work telling me the office was closed.  Even grown-ups get snow days occasionally.  More like blizzard … Continue reading

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