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A Conversation with Pumpkin

Hey Pumpkin!  How’s my beautiful kitty kitty? Hey listen…we need to talk. You know I love you, right?  I mean, didn’t I rescue you from the vet and pick the crusted poop off your butt when you were sick?  Don’t … Continue reading

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Words To Live By

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been participating in an online scrapbooking workshop called “Words To Live By.”  Every day they supply a word and then participants create a scrapbook page (or any other type of layout) about how … Continue reading

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Two Photos–One Memory

My friend Carrie and I have the exact same camera. . She bought hers a few years ago, and after living with a severe case of camera-envy for two years, I finally bought one last summer. She and I both … Continue reading

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Southwest Chicken Sloppylada Casserole

I had to work late yesterday and was too tired to go to the grocery store, so last night I got to star in my very own episode of Chopped.  I was presented with my basket of goodies – two … Continue reading

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We’ll Leave the Light on for You

Like most teenagers, when Kelsey got her driver’s license she started spending more time away from home.  On the nights she was staying late at theater practice or the weekends when she was hanging out with her friends, Tripp would … Continue reading

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Monster Mushrooms

They’re baaaaaack! These enormous mushrooms are popping up all over my yard… …and in my flowerbeds. I did a quick Google search of common lawn mushrooms (yes I know I’m a total nerd) and it directed me to  According … Continue reading

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Happiness is…a basket of dirty laundry

I came home from work today and was greeted by the smiling face of my sweet daughter.  Oh, and this too.  And I don’t mean the cat hairballs – I come home to them every day. I never thought I’d … Continue reading

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This Time Last Year

This time last year my daughter was still in high-school. This time last year my husband was not self employed. This time last year my bathroom was still ugly. This time last year I wrote my first blog post. It’s … Continue reading

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Labor Pains

I am happy to report that Tripp and I successfully managed to make it through our first weekend as empty-nesters. I’m joking of course (well kinda), but considering the amount of time and energy I’ve spent worrying about what life … Continue reading

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Moving Day

Moving Kelsey to her college dorm was one of the most wonderful, exciting, stressful, exhausting, happy, and emotional days of my life. Tripp, Kelsey, and I got an off to an early start in order to make our 8:30 a.m. … Continue reading

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