Doggie Snow Day

My dogs are seriously unimpressed with the snow.  Their routine is completely womperjawed.

Womperjawed = Discombobulated = Disoriented = Upset

This is how a typical day goes:

  1. Go outside for morning “business”
  2. Come inside and check each others’ food bowl
  3. Perform for their morning dog cheese
  4. Back outside for a quick check of the perimeter
  5. Stand at the gate and bark at the neighbor leaving for work
  6. Sleep

That’s pretty much it.  Every day.

Except during the blizzard.

For starters, Daisy can’t get up the garage apartment stairs to her favorite lookout spot.


“So now what?  And where’s Riley”


Here he is.  Riley is the canine equivalent of a 4×4 Jeep plowing through the snow.


Check out those aerodynamics!


Riley is large and in charge!


A real trail-blazer!


And they’re done.


And ready to resume their positions on the basement couch.

Hoping that someday I’ll get the smell of dog out of my house.  Kelly

p.s.  Special thanks to my production assistant, Kelsey, for being johnny-on-the-spot with the camera Tuesday while I was busy making brownies.


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wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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