Ten Things – Signs your family may have cabin fever

Day four and it’s snowing again…

Snowing again.

Did you get that?  It’s snowing again.

Things are starting to get a little dicey in my neck of the woods.  I’m a homebody – no doubt about – but I don’t like being trapped.  Even a trip to the grocery store is appealing right about now!  And I hate going to the grocery store!  Cabin fever has set in.  Who knows – Cabin Fever might be the back way to Crazytown.


How do you know if you have cabin fever?  Well, here are ten signs to look for.

  1. You’ve worn sweatpants every day for the past five days
  2. You know the day and time by what’s on TV
  3. “To the cloud!” refers to going upstairs and camping out on your bed
  4. Your house smells like a ripe basset hound
  5. You’ve used up all the flour and yeast in your pantry
  6. Your laundry is caught up for the first time in five years
  7. You’ve bought $147 worth of scrapbooking and/or baking supplies on Amazon.com
  8. You’ve accepted four friend requests on Facebook in the past four days
  9. The highlight of your day consists of waiting to see if the mailman shows up
  10. You are actually looking forward to going back to work

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go spray some Febreeze in my basement.

Peace, Kelly


About Minding My Nest

wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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