Always Something

Last summer, after we had finished the garage apartment, my one request to Tripp was this:

“Please, Dear, can we be done with renovating for a while.”

We’ve been renovating our house for the past five years and I’m tired.  Renovating is a lot of work, but renovating a 100 year-old house is utterly exhausting – physical, financially, and mentally.  The main reason I wanted to take a break, though, is so that we could enjoy Kelsey and all the fun stuff that goes along with senior year without the distraction and stress of yet another remodeling project.

Well, it looks like that’s not going to happen.139

Mother nature and her sub-zero temps decided otherwise.145

The pipes to our master bathroom burst yesterday.  The good news is that it didn’t spray all over the inside of our bathroom.  The bad news is that they had to tear up part of our bathroom floor to get to it.024



Looks like we’re renovating whether I like it or not.  And I’m gonna need some chocolate.

Peace, Kelly

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wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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7 Responses to Always Something

  1. Hope you get scads of chocolate to remedy this situation! (Valentine’s Day is upon us after all!) 🙂 Stumbled onto your blog and “minding the nest” caught my eye since I’m in the empty nest. Enjoyed a couple of your posts and will come back to visit.

  2. Sheila Visconti says:

    Bummer! But, it will now be better than ever!

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