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I {heart} the 80’s

Off the shoulder sweatshirt – $20 Imitation Ray-ban sunglasses – $10 Seeing my daughter dressed like something from a Wham! video – priceless! It was dress-up day at school and each grade was assigned a different decade.  I offered to feather … Continue reading

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FAMILY Mini-Album

   Kelsey calls it nesting and Tripp calls it crapbooking.  I don’t care what they say – I love it.    I love scrapbooking for lots of reasons:    I love looking at pictures of people I love I love making things (I’m a … Continue reading

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The Hero’s Journey

The concept of the hero’s journey was conceived by Joseph Campbell.  In his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Campbell explains how  many famous myths and heroic stories often share a similar pattern or template in their narratives.  He goes into great detail … Continue reading

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I can hear Glee on the TV in the basement from upstairs  in the office.  Tripp likes to watch it with the surround sound on REALLY loud.  We are GLEEKS, no doubt about it – we just love music.  We enjoy going to concerts … Continue reading

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A problem at the post office

There must be a problem at the post office, because for the past three months we’ve been getting things like this in the mail. These college brochures are becoming a problem – we get at least two everyday.  I keep tossing them … Continue reading

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Jake and Buster

We went to visit my parents this past weekend at their home on Grand Lake and spent the delightful, late summer afternoon just hanging out and visiting.  My brother and his new girlfriend were also there which made my mom especially … Continue reading

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