Jake and Buster

We went to visit my parents this past weekend at their home on Grand Lake and spent the delightful, late summer afternoon just hanging out and visiting.  My brother and his new girlfriend were also there which made my mom especially happy – she loves it when both her babies come to visit. 

I have two adopted “brothers” as well….

Jake and Buster – my parents’ two miniature dachshunds. 

Jake and Buster have many special talents you see.  Jake can “sing” and sit on his back legs forever.  And Buster can….ummmm…well let’s just say Buster is “special” and doesn’t need to show off to feel good about himself.  Anyway, one thing that they both have in common is their love of the water.  They love it when my parents take them down to the shore to splash around and swim.  So while we were there, we got to witness one of Jake’s newest tricks first hand – underwater rock fetch.

Here’s the pitch-


Jake’s looking..

He’s going in!

I know it’s in here somewhere…


Sorry Buster.  You’re a little late on that one.

Hang in there buddy, you’ll get it next time.

It was a lovely day filled with exciting afternoon entertainment courtesy of Jake and Buster.   

I love being with my family.

Peace,  Kelly


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