I can hear Glee on the TV in the basement from upstairs  in the office.  Tripp likes to watch it with the surround sound on REALLY loud. 

We are GLEEKS, no doubt about it – we just love music.  We enjoy going to concerts and musicals at the Tulsa PAC.  We’ve seen Mamma Mia the musical at least four times and can sing every word to every song.   Tripp was in show choirs in high school and my daughter has been in numerous musicals and since preschool.  I was a band geek.  It’s in our blood.

One of the things we love about GLEE is that it does a great job incorporating many types of music on the show.  But for me…well, lets just say that there is something about hearing my beloved Journey being sung by a choir that gives me goosebumps.  Instead of just Steve Perry’s mellow tenor belting out the melodies, the cast of GLEE performing songs like Don’t Stop Believin’ creates incredibly rich and complex harmonies.  And when they performed Faithfully in the season finale last year – literally…I died (sorry – I’ve been watching way too much BravoTV for my own good, but that lame Rachel Zoe expression totally fits here).  Perhaps one reason I was so moved by that song is that it has a very special place in my heart.  It …well…it was the first song that I ever danced with a boy to…at band camp…

peace and harmony,



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