I {heart} the 80’s

Off the shoulder sweatshirt – $20

Imitation Ray-ban sunglasses – $10

Seeing my daughter dressed like something from a Wham! video – priceless!

It was dress-up day at school and each grade was assigned a different decade.  I offered to feather her hair, but ultimately she decided the side ponytail was a better expression of the 80’s.   Obviously she never had the unique pleasure of seeing those barrel curls line up just right.  And then to take the wide tooth comb and swoosh it from the front to the back so that each side of the hair met perfectly in the middle of the back your head.  Ahhhhh…that was a good hair day. 

It’s funny to me how girls these days have basically condensed each decade into one signature clothing item:

  • 50’s – poodle skirts
  • 60’s – mod dresses
  • 70’s – bell bottoms
  • 80’s – flashdance sweatshirts

Seniors always get the 80’s because, let’s face it…it’s the coolest.  Yeah, I said it.  I’m a child of the 80’s.  I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I’m also not ashamed to admit that I still have a set of hot rollers in my bathroom.  And that I still like my hair a little bit on the poufy side.  And that I like hair metal.  Def Leppard anyone?  Hysteria still ranks in my all time top 10 favorite albums/CD’s/whatever you’re supposed to call that collection of music now.

I have drawn the line at acid washed jeans though.

Like, totally.

Peace, Kelly


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wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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