DIY Christmas Candle Ring

I finally got all my Christmas decorations put up this week.  But when I looked at the mantle in our living room I was kinda underwhelmed. 

2011 12 03_0018

So what did I do?  I went to Pinterest, of course, for some inspiration!


Then I remembered that I had pinned this candle from Frontgate.


I LOVE this candle.  But when I followed the link to Frontgate I found that this little gem was  – get this – $249!  {classic Kelly – champagne taste} Needless to say, I wasn’t going to be buying any fancy candles from Frontgate.  Because why…

Say it with me! – I can make that!  Smile

First thing I did was make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for a couple of candle rings.  Lucky for me all the Christmas decorations were 50% off. 

2011 12 03_0029

So here’s the candle stick that I’m going to spruce up a bit.  I’ve had these for several years and I think I got them at Garden Ridge maybe. 

2011 12 03_0026

So insto-presto add the candle ring to the candle and voila!

  2011 12 03_0032

It’s definitely an improvement and I like it, but I was just kinda “meh” about it.  I was thinking about making another trip to Hobby Lobby, but then I remembered an old garland that I had in the basement  – half the lights didn’t work and it was about to fall apart.

2011 12 03_0028

What can I say…I am my mother’s daughter.  She never throws out old curtains and I never throw out old Christmas decorations. Smile

Anyway, I went through the garland and starting unwinding some of the little Christmas picks that I had wound on originally. 

Twelve. Years. Later.

Lo and behold I was able to scavenge two matching piles of doo-dads for my candle rings.

2011 12 03_0034

{I blame Pinterest!  This what I spent a ridiculous amount of time doing when I should have been mopping the floor.}

So next I sorta flattened the candle ring to make room for the “embellishments” and also added a ribbon to the actual candle.

2011 12 03_00352011 12 03_0036

Then I took all my reclaimed Christmas picks and tucked them into the new candle ring until it was appropriately full and over the top. Here’s the before and after.

2011 12 03_00322011 12 03_0037

Now that’s more like it.  Smile

You know, I’ve tried to adopt a “less is more” attitude when I comes to Christmas decorations, but eventually my “go big or go home” attitude wins out.

2011 12 03_0046

Looks like the Christmas craft junkie struck again!

Cheers!  Kelly


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