A House Divided

Ours is a house divided.  This long-standing rivalry stems from deep-seated family traditions that are woven into the fabric of our very identity.  For nearly twenty years, Tripp and I have stood on opposite sides of the fence regarding this sacred topic.

And friends I’m not referring to football.  No, this division is at the heart of one of our most important priorities…


…that’s right I’m talking about food.  And more specifically, the most hallowed of all Thanksgiving leftovers – the turkey sandwich!


I ask you – can this marriage be saved???

Before I tell you why my sandwich is the best, I’ll show you Tripp’s version.  And it all starts with this sandwich spread.


I had never even heard of Durkee’s until I married Tripp.  To me it’s kind of a mustard/mayonnaise mix (which is probably why I don’t really care for it-I don’t like mayonnaise) but with a little tang – kinda like coleslaw dressing. To Tripp’s family, a turkey sandwich is not fit to eat without this sauce and because I am such an awesome wife, once a year I buy this sauce for my wonderful husband.  Also, the other important component of Tripp’s perfect turkey sandwich is a leftover dinner roll.  And half a slice of American cheese. 

Here’s what it looks like going together.


As Kelsey like to call it, the bun of brown-ness.


Now in contrast, my turkey sandwich is a gustatory adventure – the perfect balance of tart, sweet, salt, and crunch.  It’s goes together like this.


Seriously, look how beautiful!  A work of art if I do say so myself.


Honestly, which one looks better to you?  The bun of brown-ness or the work of art?? Smile


So, you might be asking, “Kelly, how does your delightful daughter like her sandwich?”  Well in this particular matter, my daughter is Switzerland – wheat bread, mayo, Swiss cheese, and lettuce.  The perfect compromise.


So there you have it.  A tale of two turkey sandwiches (well make that three).  At least we are all on the same side in football.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m getting hungry…think I’ll make myself a sandwich.  Smile

Peace, Kelly


About Minding My Nest

wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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2 Responses to A House Divided

  1. I vote yours! My family loves durkee’s too. As a member of the anti-mayo league, I avoid it at all times. 😉

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