Thanksgiving in Review 2011

Today I am thankful for two things – stretchy pants and no bootcamp.  Smile  But all joking aside, yesterday was a wonderful day filled with good food and great family. 

I got started early on the star of the big show.  Tripp and I decided at the last minute to brine the bird and after a good rinse and pat dry he was ready for his buttery rubdown.  We don’t technically stuff the bird with stuffing, but I do fill the cavity with onion, carrot, lemon, and herbs.



While the turkey was roasting away in the oven, Kelsey and I set the table while Tripp serenaded us with Christmas music at the piano.




Here is where I would love to be able to show you the pictures of my family that came for dinner – Tripp’s mom, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend – but alas I cannot make gravy and take pictures at the same time.  But I am determined to do better about taking pictures of the people I love most. 


Anyway, all of the side dishes were perfect (thanks Mom for the broccoli and thanks Pi for the green bean casserole!), the turkey was golden brown and juicy, the homemade rolls were delightful, and the gravy wasn’t lumpy…it was wonderful.  Here is Kelsey’s plate – a work of art!


And while the meal itself was wonderful, my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is when everyone is mostly finished eating and lingering around the table.  A few nibbles here and there, another glass of wine, but lots of good conversation with our family that we love so dearly…that’s what nourishes my soul.

Peace, Kelly


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2 Responses to Thanksgiving in Review 2011

  1. LorrieB says:

    Oh that all looks so wonderful! Here in Canada we had our Thanksgiving day a month ago, but in my opinion it should be Thanksgiving EVERY day!! Thanks for sharing.

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