Dad’s Weekend

It’s not as if we really need an excuse to persuade us to visit our delightful daughter at university, but this weekend was special because it was “Dad’s Day” on campus.  This weekend was also special because we got to spend it with our friends, Bryan and Carrie, and their kids who drove up from Houston to take part in the festivities.  Friday night we met up at the Skirvin Hotel which was a serious déjà vu moment for me.  The Skirvin is where I stayed with my other all-state band mates back in the day and I felt like I should have had my clarinet and music folder with me.  And my hot rollers.  And my favorite Izod sweater.

Anyway, Saturday morning Tripp, Kelsey, and I headed over to the sorority house for the Dad’s Day luncheon.  While we were there we spent some quality time with school mascots Boomer & Sooner, I repeatedly added my name to the bid sheet for the darling baking basket in the silent auction (damn that Edwards gal was one tough competitor), and we got to feel like celebrities being hounded by paparazzi having a million “Party Pics” taken. 

After lunch, Kelsey left to meet up with her friends to sit in the student section and I sat huddled under a blanket next to Tripp.  The highlight of the game (well other than winning) was watching the Texas A&M band march up and down the field in precise formations.  After the game we met back up with the gang and head over to Coach’s for a little post-game refueling.  And then later we girls made an executive decision to make a break from all the testosterone and go back to the hotel for a much needed girls’ night in – fat pants, room service dessert, and a chick-flick on pay-per-view.  For two blissful hours there was no talk about football, BCS poll standings, or fart jokes.

It was only after the boys came back that the real excitement of the weekend happened…the beds shook back and forth, the pictures danced on the wall, and the curtains swayed in the window – and no it wasn’t the ghost that supposedly haunts the 10th floor of the hotel.  It was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake!  In Oklahoma!  As if the blizzard, tornadoes, and heat wave weren’t enough for our fair state this year!

Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I think next time I feel an earthquake I’m going to run for cover instead of my iPhone and Facebook.

But all is well that ends well.  Our first Dad’s day ended with first a goodbye to our dear friends followed by a goodbye to our delightful daughter.  And I’m sure like most parents today, we left for home with that familiar little pang in our heart.  But it gets easier every time and I am proud to say that I didn’t cry at all this time.  And all the way home, I couldn’t help but think about how precious this time in our lives is.  These are the memories I will cherish forever and I am so blessed to share them with my two favorite Sooners.


Peace, Kelly


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