For the Love of Pansies

There is nothing like getting my hands dirty to help get my head together.  After spending an entire day stuck inside sorting through boxes and piles, it was so good to be outside digging in the dirt.  And considering the fact that pansies are my very favorite flower, it was time very well spent.


I love pansies for many reasons.  First of all there is the blue-ish, purple-y color that I adore. 


And I love how they have happy little faces that almost seem to look up and smile at me.


When I went to the garden center Friday morning, I couldn’t decide which variety I liked the best so I just got an assortment of pansies and violas (also known as Johnny Jump-ups).  I am in love with this little purple/yellow charmer…


…as well as this tri-color cutie.


And have a look at this beauty.  I love the mottled edges of the three lower petals.


According to Wikipedia, the name “pansy” is actually derived from the French word for thought, pensée, and named such due to it’s resemblance to a pensive human face.  And come to find out, I am not alone in my affection for these delightful little flowers as William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, and Georgia O’Keeffe were also quite fond of the humble pansy.

It seems fitting that a lovely little flower named for its thoughtful countenance was the happy antidote to a melancholy mood.

Peace, Kelly


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