Miss Ann

It was girls’ night out last night to celebrate my friend Ann’s birthday.

I first met Miss Ann when Kelsey started preschool – it was Ann’s first year teaching four year-old preschool at Wee Angels. I credit Ann with teaching Kelsey how to sit quietly in a group and, perhaps most importantly, teaching Kelsey (and me) the difference between a skip and a gallop. Ann is truly gifted when it comes to teaching little ones. She has the patience of Job and a heart of gold.

Ann and her family lived just down the street from us in our old neighborhood in Owasso. All of the neighborhood kids loved going to Miss Ann’s house because she always had some kind of freshly baked cookies or treats. And she was famous for her milkshakes. The grown-ups also liked hanging out with Ann because of her bubbly personality and easy-going nature.

Well, that and the cookies and milkshakes.

I admire Miss Ann for many reasons:

  • she can walk faster than anyone I know
  • she cleans house every week
  • she makes a grocery list and shops for a week’s worth of groceries at once

And while it’s true that I respect her discipline and organization when it comes to being a homemaker, what I love most about Ann is her compassionate, giving heart and her faithful courage in the face of the unknown. 

Well, that and the carrot cake she makes me every year for my birthday.


Happy Birthday, Ann! Thank you for keeping my ass in shape and for loving me, mess and all.

Love, Kelly


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