Fall Soccer Practice

Just about everyone I know with young kids is at a soccer game this morning, and I’ll be honest – I don’t miss it one bit. Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching the Tripp coaching his team of little girls (he’s such a natural).  And I enjoyed the games and cheered my heart out for the “Rugrats”. I just don’t miss getting up at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings to hunt for all of Kelsey’s soccer gear. And I don’t miss sitting in the rain or freezing my butt off on the wooden bleachers.

The good news is that we can still enjoy soccer right in our own backyard, because as it turns out, Daisy Duke is quite the little soccer player!  She and Tripp practice all the time.  Soccer practice starts the minute Tripp gets in the pool when Daisy starts bringing him all the balls she has scattered throughout the yard.  Tripp starts her out with some basic warm-ups and agility drills. 

First up – fielding grounders. 

Tripp throws the ball low and then Daisy sprints for the ball.


Then she runs the tennis ball down in the grass…


…and brings it back to Tripp and drops it in the pool


Next come the air ball drills done with two balls.

With one ball already, Daisy waits for Tripp to lob the ball.


She lets it bounce one.


Wait for it…


Then she makes contact!  What a header!!


Way to go!


Right back into the water for Tripp to do it again.


Good Job Daisy Duke!


Usually, Daisy and Tripp practice her soccer drills about 327 more times until she gives out.  I like it when they “practice” because later she’ll be worn out and then come lay by me while I type a blog post about her.

Life is good.

Peace, Kelly


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