The Long, Hot Summer

Did you see this?!


I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait for cooler weather.  This summer has been one for the record books.  In fact, the summer of 2011 has been the hottest summer on record for the state of Oklahoma.  Here are a few facts for all of you climatological statistic junkies like me:

  • From June 1st through August 31st the average statewide temperature was 86.8 degrees.  That broke the previous record from the summer 1934 which averaged 85.2 degrees.  1934 was during Dust Bowl.  This summer has been hotter than it was during the Dust Bowl.  Awesome.
  • The average statewide monthly temperature in July was 88.9 degrees and set the record for the hottest July in the U.S.  The previous record was also set by Oklahoma in 1954.   No one loves an overachiever more than me, but this is nuts!
  • In July, Tulsa had 26 days over 100 degrees which ties the summer of 1980 and is just one less than the summer of 1934. 

In summary, the summer of 2011 has been miserably hot.  (Pointing out the obvious has always been a special gift of mine.)  And I haven’t even touched on the drought.  All I know is that my flowerbeds have taken a beating this year.  I’ve lost so many plants in my front flowerbeds. 


This little Heuchera I bought last spring just gave up…


…as well as some of the azaleas we planted after the ice storm. 


And we lost every single one of the Degroot’s Spire Arborvitae that we planted behind the pool. 


Apparently, it’s not “Oklahoma” heat and drought tolerant.


What I find so amazing though, is that in the midst of the devastating heat and drought this little lantana just keeps right on blooming.


While everything else is wilting (or even dying) under the stress of the relentless summer sun, this enthusiastic little flower continues to thrive.

live photo

I’m going to try to be more like that.

Peace, Kelly


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2 Responses to The Long, Hot Summer

  1. I don’t know how you hearty Oklahomans, which includes my sister’s family (Shawnee & OKC), stand it! We lived in Lawton/Ft. Sill many moons ago, and one summer had a long stretch of 100+ temps and I thought I was going to die, but nothing like you’ve endured this summer! Your plants make me sad but it’s nice you have a little bright spot of yellow. Glad you’re getting a bit of a break from the oppressive heat now. I’m with you, fall can’t come soon enough!

  2. okies are a tough bunch that’s for sure. and the one good thing about living in OK is that it makes you appreciate the lovely weather like we’re having today. 🙂

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