Monster Mushrooms

They’re baaaaaack!

These enormous mushrooms are popping up all over my yard…


…and in my flowerbeds.


I did a quick Google search of common lawn mushrooms (yes I know I’m a total nerd) and it directed me to  According to their website, this particular type of mushroom is called a Green-spored Lepiota (Chlorophyllum molybdites).


It’s more commonly know as a False Parasol Mushroom.  Kinda looks like an umbrella I suppose.


They typically pop up in the summer after it rains and thrive in hot, humid conditions.

I wish I did.  I wish my hair did.

But all joking aside, they are poisonous and according to American Mushroom, “the most common common cause of wild mushroom poisoning in North America.”


So that means you stay out of those mushrooms – you hear me bubba!


And that goes for you too little missy!


This concludes your Botany lesson for today.  Riley and Daisy thank you for your attendance.

Peace, Kelly


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