When Did This Happen?

Tomorrow Kelsey leaves for freshmen orientation camp at university.


She might be nervous and anxious about going if she was going by herself.  Thankfully her best friend and roommate, Cayli, will be going along with her.

Cayli is the daughter of my best friend, Carrie, and these two have been planning to be roommates since they were old enough to say “university.”

But my question is this…

When did this happen?


Because the last looked, these were our baby girls.

kelsey and cayli #1-2

I swear I must have blinked or something, because our daughters were just playing dress-up at Carrie’s old house in Flowermound.

kelsey and cayli dress up

And weren’t they just sitting at Carrie’s plastic picnic table eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…

kelsey 003

…and getting haircuts in her backyard?

kelsey 020

Didn’t they just drive up to OKC and go to the water park with us?

kelsey 013

And weren’t they just playing in Kelsey’s old bedroom at our first house in Owasso?

kelsey and cayli #3-1

It just doesn’t seem like that long ago that we went to visit them in Houston…

kelsey 001

…and spent the day at the beach and aquarium.

kelsey and cayli #1-1

Or celebrated Cayli’s birthday at her Mimi Mary’s house.

kelsey 005

And it seems like just yesterday that Cayli came to visit us at our old house in Owasso.  She and Kelsey spend the day catching frog’s and then later watched the NSYNC special on TV.

kelsey and cayli #1-3

And excuse me, but when did they get their braces off?  Where was I??

memes summer 08 001

Who gave them permission to grow up?

Lake 2010 085

I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

Lake Tenkiller 2010 345

I mean good Lord, Carrie’s oldest son, Brant, is serving in the army now.  Her youngest son, Bryce, will be going in high school, our girls going off to college.


Can someone please tell me…

kelsey and cayli #3-2

When did this happen?


I’ll be the one in line at the pharmacy with the box of Russell Stovers and waiting on my prescription of Cymbalta.

Thanks! Kelly


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