Little Things

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things. ~  Robert Brault

This was the photo that started it all.


I love this photo for many reasons.  First because it’s just so Tripp the way he drives with his wrist over the steering wheel and the way he holds his hand and fingers.  And then it’s such a familiar sight for me sitting in the passenger seat next to him.  This is him…this is me…this is us.  I love this photo.

Then I got to thinking about all the ordinary little things that I see my family do everday.  Familiar sights around the house – little things that are just so them.  So Kelsey and I brainstormed a list for each of us, and for a couple of weeks I drove Tripp and Kelsey crazy taking pictures of them doing what they do.  (And a special thank you to Kelsey for taking 27 pictures of me chopping onions to get one that was just right…perfectionist much??)

And then one day I was listening to the radio and heard that song by The Band Perry – You Lie.  The song is about a lying, cheating boyfriend, but it was the last two lines of the song that really spoke to me –

It’s what you do, it’s who you are.

Suddenly, my “Little Things” project took on a whole new meaning.  Now instead of just a snapshot in time of all the familiar little things we do; as it turned out, it also tells a little bit about who we are.  So I did what any self-respecting scrapbooker would do…I made a scrapbook about it!

I created this entire little mini-album myself using some really old patterned paper.  I covered plain chipboard for the “book” covers and used heavy cardstock for the “pages.”  A piece of narrow twine “binds” it all together.  I added lots of little flaps and pockets for a fun, interactive element, plus I made the all the flower and tag embellishments.  All in all it was a seriously crafty project (and oh my Lord you should see the mess in the basement), but I was in hog-heaven.

Here is the finished product.










This project is so special to me.  In taking these photos and creating this album, what I realized is that most of our lives are spent doing ordinary things like washing dishes and doing laundry.  Like unloading the dishwasher and watering the yard.  But if we take just a minute to celebrate the ordinary and cherish the little things, it’s then that we notice beauty and humor. We experience love and grace. We appreciate the journey. We find courage and faith.

And most importantly for me, we discover who we are.

So here’s to celebrating the little things!

Peace, Kelly


In case you just couldn’t get enough of my “little things” photos, here are photo collages I made using the free Picasa software from Google.








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