My parents came to stay with us at the lake over the Fourth of July holiday.  So that meant Jake and Buster came to visit too.


Collectively, my parents have:

  • two children
  • two grandchildren
  • two dogs
  • two granddogs.

(And technically they one grandcat, but she’s crazy so we’ll leave her for another time).

Anyway, just like they are prone to do with their children and grandchildren, Mom and Daddy do lots of loving on Daisy Duke and Riley Joe (our pets have official middle names in case you wondered.)  Sometimes it takes Riley a little while to warm up to people, especially men for some reason.  But he got comfortable pretty quick with Daddy last weekend.


And then there’s Daisy Duke – my shameless attention hog.


Usually when my parents visit my house and bring Jake and Buster, one of two things happen – either a) Jake never leaves my mom’s lap or b) he and Riley-how shall I say it-“argue”.  I think it’s the whole alpha dog/man of the house thing going on.  But because we were at the lake (neutral territory I suppose) everyone seemed relaxed and got along famously. 

The lake seems to have that affect on things.


Peace, Kelly


About Minding My Nest

wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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