Fun and Festive Fourth of July Holiday

We got home from the lake in plenty of time to watch the Riverpark’s fireworks display.  Tripp’s mom came along with us to enjoy the festivities, so we packed up our folding chair and blankets and walked down to Veteran’s Park along with about 80,000 other people.



Lot’s of cute kiddos too!


Thankfully it wasn’t unbearably hot while we waited for dark.  My glass of Sauvignon Blanc helped in that department as well.  And Tripp’s mom kept the bugs at bay with her handy little OFF! fan.


Once it was finally dark, the fabulous fireworks display began.

fireworks collage

This Fourth of July was a bit different…Kelsey was asserting her own declaration of independence and spending the holiday with her girlfriends at Grand Lake.  Thankfully, I was free to pursue happiness with my one and only.


Peace, Kelly


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