My Kind of Garden

Tripp and I worked in the yard all day Saturday installing a new sprinkler head.  We spent the day digging a 12 inch deep trench, making a trip to Home Depot (what weekend would be complete without one I ask?), extending the existing sprinkler line, and finally adding the new pop-up sprayer. 

To the list of job titles I have at home, I am now including PVC pipe fitter and Irrigation Technician. 

Anyway, it’s fun working in the front because you get to visit with all the neighbors and passers-by.  Plus I get to hear all their lovely compliments for my front flowerbed.


I love this flowerbed and I think it’s safe to say that it’s my favorite.  I love the shade provided by the pair of old dogwood trees.  It’s the perfect place for growing lovely shade plants such as azalea, astilbe, and heuchera.  And my all time favorite plants – hosta!

I have a bit of a hosta fetish.  And it all started with a Hosta ‘Frances Williams’.


It was about 15 years ago when I first became acquainted with Frances (yes, my hostas and I are on a first name basis now).   I’ll never forget the first time I saw this bold beauty in Garden Gate magazine.  The feature article was about shade gardens and there was a gorgeous photo of a giant, old oak tree with a hosta garden circling it’s base.  It was so serene and lush with the beautiful variations of blue, green, and cream hues.  Not long after that, I was walking through the shaded tent of the plant lady who used to set up in the parking lot of Reasor’s on 86th Street in Owasso.  I was looking at the different shade perennials when I spied the lovely Frances Williams.  She was even more beautiful in person.  I could not believe the size of her coarsely textured, blue-green variegated leaves.  So of course I bought her and then ran home and planted her immediately.  She thrived under the shade of the Redbud in the front yard of our little house and that’s when I became a full-on hosta addict.

Every year I look for a new hosta variety for my front flowerbed, and I’m proud to say that I’ve got quite a nice little collection going. 

This is the ‘June’ Hosta.  She has very elegant, shapely leaves with lovely variegation.


This little stunner is Hosta ‘Fire and Ice’.  It’s on the small side but man does it pack a punch with its bold cream and dark green foliage.


This huge hosta is ‘Stained Glass’.  I like the contrast of the chartreuse and deep green hues.


This lovely hosta is called ‘Paul’s Glory’.  I have no idea who Paul is, but let me tell you – I am a big fan.


And then there’s this interesting Hosta ‘Pineapple Crush’ with it long slender leaves that seem to fade into a creamy yellow as they grow.


I have several more interesting hostas in the backyard, but I’ll save that for another time.  And just so you know…I’m not the only one who loves hostas.  My friend N has a great collection including several miniature hostas – a whole new avenue for hosta enthusiasts!

For now though, I’m quite proud of my little hosta collection.  And I’m quite proud of my front flowerbed in general.  I’ve done all the work myself from digging up all the monkey grass that was planted there before, putting in all the plants and shrubs, and pulling the weeds that invariable pop up.  I also love that it’s been a work in progress from the beginning.  I didn’t seek the services of landscape designer.  There’s no master plan.  This flowerbed just kinda evolves and gets better and fuller every year. 

That’s my kind of garden.

Peace, Kelly

P.S.  If you really want to geek out on hostas –


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One Response to My Kind of Garden

  1. Your flower bed is gorgeous! I’m impressed that you did it all yourself too. I’m not the green thumb in our family, so I’m happy that my hubby has that honor. I’m going to show him the pictures you posted here. He’ll probably get hosta happy too. 🙂

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