Twisted Ribbon Flower

Another flower I’d like to share with you is a twisted ribbon flower.  This a no-sew, hot-glue number that is a breeze to make.

All you need is a roll of satin or grosgrain ribbon of your choice.

1.  Start by punching or cutting a circle from a fairly thick scrap of paper.  The size of the circle will be the finished size of your flower.  Next, tie a knot near one end of your ribbon.  Place a good size drop of hot-glue at the center of the circle and affix the knot.  Go ahead and hold it one for a minute to be sure it’s glued on well.  And I know it should go without saying…but seriously, hot-glue is HOT.  Trust me, I know.  I got a second degree burn on my thumb making Christmas ornaments one year.  Be careful!



2.  Once the knot is securely glued to the base, begin twisting and wrapping the loose end of the ribbon around the knot.  Every half a turn or so, add another bead of glue.  Continue twisting, gluing, and wrapping all the way around the knot until you run out of circle.  At that point, cut the ribbon leaving about a half inch tail and then attach that free end to the back side of the paper circle.



3.  Once the glue is dry and the ribbon is set, add a decorative button or gem to the center.  It’ll look something like this.


Pretty, huh!  Now you try one!

Happy Flower-making!  Kelly


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