Five Petal Fabric Flowers

In this post I am going to show you how to make two different versions of a Five Petal Flower using tulle and ribbon, but this method can be used to create flowers out of fabric as well.  The supplies are pretty basic – needle, thread, and scissors.  Technically, I suppose you’d have to call it sewing, but honestly, if you can thread a needle then you can make these flowers!

So let’s get started!

Five Petal Flower #1 

For this version, I used a  roll of tulle ribbon like this.  You can find it at most craft and hobby stores and it’s really inexpensive.


1.  Cut five squares of tulle and fold them in half on the diagonal.  (For this particular flower I made my square six inches, but you can make them any size you prefer.)  Using a heavy-duty, double thread, sew a simple running stitch along the two open edges.



2.  Pull thread tight to gather, and without cutting the thread, continue stitching and gathering the rest of the diagonally folded tulle pieces.



3.  Once all five pieces are gathered, shape the petals into a circle.  Continuing to gather tightly, bring the center together and stitch the center closed.


4.  Open the petals, lay flat, and (technical term here) pouf the petals out a bit.  Dig around in your button box and find a cute button for the center and stitch in place. (A big funky jewel would be cute too!)


Here is the final tulle flower.


This is a flower I made out of a scrap of Kelsey’s school uniform plaid (I went to the uniform store and just asked for a scrap.) I used the exact same process as the tulle flower except used fabric squares instead.


I also added a little circle of tulle on top to give it a little extra flair.

Five Petal Flower #2

This flower is very similar to the previous version, but it starts out with circles rather than squares.  For this flower I used a jumbo roll of wide ribbon.


1. Cut out five circles of ribbon or fabric. (As you can see, a camera lens cap makes a fabulous circle template!) Next, start folding one circle in half and then in half again. With a double strand of heavy-duty thread, sew a short running stitch across the open edge.



2. Next, pull the thread tightly to gather, and without cutting the thread, repeat the process with the other four circles. Holding the thread tight, gather all five petals into a circle and stitch the center closed. Cover the center with a button or gem.



Here is the final product.


How cute is that!

And see, it wasn’t all that hard – just a few simple stitches and voila.  You can do this!

Happy Flower-making!  Kelly


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2 Responses to Five Petal Fabric Flowers

  1. Sweetaisha says:

    I love the fabric and tulle flower. Thanks for the idea

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