Bathroom Renovation Chapter 8–In the Closet

No, I am not referring to shocking revelation due to my ongoing soon to be empty nest/hormonally induced/mid-life crisis.

I would like to show you something.  Something so wonderful it nearly brought me to tears (like it really takes much to bring me to tears lately anyway).  I would like to introduce you to my new walk-in closet.



Isn’t it beautiful!

It’s a work of art really.  I watched as Enrique, our finish carpenter, measured each piece to fit, skillfully cut the boards, and then carefully nailed each board and trim piece in place.  A perfectionist some might say.  I say a man after my own heart.  But even more impressive is the fact that each and every measurement and cut meant a round trip up and down the stairs. Poor Enrique probably lost ten pounds going up and down the stairs 30 times a day.


Anyway, these are my new shoe racks and the upper area will have adjustable shelves. Plus one of the things I really love is the cubby that goes around the perimeter of the closet.  It’s going to be wonderful storage for purses, sweaters, and other bulky items. 


I’ve been standing in here lately envisioning my perfectly organized closet.  Fantasizing about the perfect life that I’ll have once all my clothes are hung perfectly inside.  I’ll wake up every morning at 5:30 and leap out of bed with boundless energy.  I’ll begin my mornings with a 5 mile run followed by a leisurely shower.  I’ll step inside my fabulous closet and choose my outfit for the day based on how amazing my size 4 ass will look in my $300 designer jeans.  I’ll enjoy having my hair stylist/make-up artist comment on how flawless my pore-free skin looks along with my amazing silky hair.  Then I’ll come downstairs to see that my dear husband has not only made coffee for me but also prepared my favorite breakfast.  I’ll arrive at work promptly at 8:00 a.m. and leave promptly at 2:00 p.m. so that I might have time to walk the gardens at the Philbrook museum or enjoy a late lunch and/or glass of wine with my friend N.  I’ll come home to a spotlessly clean house and well behaved, obedient pets who sit at the door and wait for my invitation to come inside.  My lovely daughter will come home from school full of smiles and hugs.  She’ll cheerfully recount how perfect her day was as well.  And then when my darling husband gets home we’ll sit down to enjoy a perfectly prepared and healthy, yet delicious, dinner. The rest of the evening would consist of either a Real Housewives or GLEE marathon followed by a full body massage and facial.  And then I would settle into our perfect bed with our bazillion thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and fall fast asleep.  All night.


I mean, surely the owner of a closet and life that fabulous would never hear, “Hey babe, I think the cat just puked up another hairball on the staircase.”  Or suffer the indignation of having wrinkles and a zit at the same time.  Or be told by her snarky, teenage daughter that indeed she had heard me the first 20 times I asked her about the upcoming senior Road Rally. 

A girl can dream though.

Oh, by the way, this is Tripp’s corner.


Just kidding, Dear.  Although we do need to talk about where exactly you’re going to put your shoes.  Winking smile

Peace, Kelly aka Shoe Hound.


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wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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One Response to Bathroom Renovation Chapter 8–In the Closet

  1. Wow look at all those shelves!

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