Mess Maker

I made a huge mess in the kitchen today.


Tripp made up a little song for me.  It’s to the tune of the song Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof.  It goes like this:

Messmaker, Messmaker, make me a mess

I can’t help it.  Sometimes I just need to get my hands dirty.  Especially when I feel stressed or anxious.  Womperjawed.

Maybe I’m feeling a little off because of the last night’s tornado drill.


Or maybe it’s because my bedroom looks like this…


…and my closet looks like this.


Or maybe it’s because of this.


Yep…that last one is a big one – graduation announcements really hit home.


So I decided to engage in a little baking therapy. 

Sugar, butter, flour, and chocolate…my four favorite food groups.  Well except for chips and salsa.  And Kettle Salt N Pepper potato chips. 

And red wine.  But that’s not really food.  But it is therapeutic!

Speaking of therapy – here is what was prescribed today.


Blueberry Streusel Coffeecake


Double Fudge Cupcakes


And my tried and true, favorite bread.


In case it’s not obvious from the previous photos, I would like you to know that I adhere to a strict ‘No Carb Left Behind’ policy.

Yep, a day messmaking in the kitchen was just what the doctor ordered.

Peace, Kelly aka The Messmaker


About Minding My Nest

wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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