Like a lot of kids, Kelsey got braces while in middle school.

Here’s her before-IM000297

And after-IM000298

Kelsey’s orthodontic experience was pretty typical – two and a half years of monthly exams, wire changes, and rubber bands.  Finally the happy day comes and the braces are off!

But that wasn’t the end.

Because of a wonky front baby tooth, Kelsey’s upper gum-line was visibly uneven and low.  So her orthodontist highly recommended that Kelsey have some minor “tissue recontouring.”  So we paid a visit to the periodontist.  He agreed that the wonky tooth gum-line was in need of some tweaking, but felt that she would benefit from having her entire upper gum-line “recontoured.”  The periodontist explained the procedure and the benefits as well as the expected outcome.  It made sense and Kelsey was OK with having it done.  So we scheduled the procedure.

Here’s the thing, if you ever are referred to a periodontist for “tissue recontouring,” you need to talk to me first.  “Recontouring” sounds so innocuous and civilized.  People, let me be perfectly clear…there is nothing civilized about this procedure.  Thankfully they applied numbing cream before administering the two numbing shots.  And then the procedure – here is what “recontouring” really is – slicing your gums away from your teeth.  The exposed “tissue” is then stitched and packed with cotton.  After the procedure, me and my gopher baby were sent on our merry way with a prescription for Vicodin…for pain.

Kelsey made it through the rest of the afternoon and evening without too much discomfort.  The next morning was a different story.  My gopher baby woke up to a swollen face and black eyes.  Her nose, mouth, and cheeks were so distended that she looked like Cindy Loo Who.  Her gum-line was an even more swollen, oozing, and disgusting mess.  My poor baby missed two days of school because of the painful and embarrassing swelling.

It took a couple of weeks, but once the swelling of her gums and face subsided, her beautiful teeth were revealed.  And after her three year ordeal (and a sizeable chunk of change I might add), my baby had a stunning smile and was proud to show it off in her senior pictures.

kelsey sr pic

So after all that, you can imagine my shock and surprise when I saw my beautiful daughter on stage last night.

May I present to you, Madame Thenardier!


Kelsey was fitted with a dental prosthetic because her teeth were too pretty!

When my mom saw this photo she said, “Wow Sis…Kelsey looks just like you in this photo.”  I joked, “Oh thanks…it must be the wrinkles and dark circles.”  Mom replied, “No…I think it’s more the angry expression.”  “Um….thanks?”


He she is in her big number, “Master of the House.”


See those feathers?  Yeah, I sewed them.


Please allow me to gush for a moment about my talented daughter.  I knew the story and had seen the costumes, but I was completely spellbound watching her on stage.  She is a natural performer.  She has worked so hard preparing for this musical as have all the other performers.  And I have to say, their hard work has paid off in a huge way.  It was an incredible performance!

And I am one proud Momma!

Peace, Kelly


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