Playing Dress-Up

Like most little girls, Kelsey loved playing dress-up.  It started at a young age.



This is one my all-time favorite pictures.  It was taken at Bryan and Carrie’s house in Dallas.  Carrie and I had shopped all day at the flea market and brought home the jewelry and hats for Kelsey and Cayli.  Don’t they look like two little old women exchanging pleasantries? 

K-“Why Cayli, you look stunning in that hat and earrings! Where ever did you find them?”

C-“Why thank you Kelsey. My mom bought them for me.  And may I add that you look beautiful as well.”

kelsey and cayli dress up

The more bauble-y, gaudy, and colorful the better!

Little girls just make me smile.

Often dressing up involved some kind of princess attire…


…such as this little ensemble courtesy of Santa.

It wasn’t long until my little girl got bit by the make-up bug. 


This photo just melts my heart.  Oh those big brown eyes and that big happy smile.  Kelsey dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast that year for Halloween.  I remember putting make-up on her that night.  It was the first time I’d ever tried to put mascara on her.  Seriously, is it possible for a child’s eyelashes to be too long to properly apply mascara?  

No doubt about it – Kelsey is my very girly-girl.

And she still plays dress-up.

Only now they call it Prom.


This is Kelsey and her best friend V.  Is it just me, or do girls these days look like movies stars?  I swear, I looked like a cross between Scarlett O’Hara and Little Bo Beep at my senior prom.

She’s the apple of our eye.


And when I look at that face I see the same little girl with big brown eyes and happy smile.

I love my (big) little girl.

me and kelsey

Peace, Kelly


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