Bathroom Renovation Chapter 5–While We Were Out

What a difference a week makes!

It’s probably a good thing that I wasn’t home for the taking off and replacing of the roof…

roof off

And our contractor has been just as busy inside.  Look at my pretty new window.


I found a darling, little, twinkly crystal chandelier that I’m going to hang up there.  (Well, I’m not going to hang it…you know what I mean.)  When we were in the planning stages of the renovation, I told our contractor that I wanted our bathroom to twinkle.  And sparkle!  After all the years of that old, crumbling, dingy, nasty bathroom I want a bathroom that is clean and shiny – twinkly! 

I do realize that the whole “clean and shiny” bit means I need to clean house a little more often.  ahem.

Anyway, this is our new closet.


Here’s the new shower area.  It’ll be nice to have the toilet tucked away there to the left…privacy in the bathroom – what a concept!


And this is the vanity area (sorry for the kinda blurry photo).


Progress is wonderful.  Because the closer we get to the bathroom being finished, the closer we are to getting rid of this.


And I will be a happy camper.

Peace, Kelly


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