Perfect Timing

Today I was going to put my happy-face on and write about our weekend visit to Chicago.  I was going to write about the university campus to tour we took and how excited I am for Kelsey to be getting ready to discover the world.  How proud I am of her…

You know the drill.

I say “happy-face” because that’s how I was going to cope with my existential meltdown today.  Yet another replay of the broken record in my head – what am I going to do once Kelsey leaves for college, what is my purpose, what do I want to be when I grow up.  Blah.  Blah.  Blah.

I really hate feeling/sounding/being pathetic and ungrateful so my usual remedy for this kind of identity crisis is to:

  • focus on the positive
  • make a mental list of things I am grateful for
  • turn my attention to things/people that really need help

So that’s what I was going to do – write about our college visit. 

But when I got home, I saw this-


And it made my day.

It was a gentle, if not so subtle, reminder that God is in charge of things around here.  Flowers grow and bloom according to His seasons and His timetable.


It felt like a giant hug from The Master Gardener.

Peace, Kelly


About Minding My Nest

wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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