Bathroom Renovation Chapter 1 – The Idea Process

Let the bathroom renovation commence!  Since the pipes in our master bathroom burst last week, our master bath renovation has been moved up from the ‘Five Year’ timeline to the next month timeline. 

We’ve renovated just about every other room in the house (including the garage apartment), and decided that the master bathroom/bedroom would be our last thing to do.   Our plan was to wait until Kelsey graduated from college and then really go all out on a fabulous master suite.  I had visions of a gorgeous bathroom with tons of light and (with just a teeny little adjustment to the existing roofline) high ceiling.  We were going to annex part of an upstairs room for a mack-daddy, walk-in closet with all the bells and whistles.  And even make room for a stackable washer and dryer unit that would make my life so blissful that I’d do laundry every day and never let it pile up.

Anyone else out there not buying that last little bit?

So, yeah the mack-daddy bathroom isn’t going to happen this year.  And it’s OK.  I am the queen of Plan B! (the idea, not the birth control)

And like every other renovation, the process starts with a little inspiration.  Before we meet with any contractors, I like to have a couple of visuals of the style and design we’re going for.  A picture speaks a thousand words you know.  Kinda like how you might take a photo of Sheryl Crow with you when you get your hair cut. (Well, maybe that’s just me)  Anyway, I go through my magazines and start tearing out pages that appeal to me.  Maybe it’s tile, or cabinets, or a layout, or color – or maybe it’s just the overall feeling.  Then I gather up all the photos and sit down with Tripp.  And then this is where the fun part really begins.

Picture #1-


K-“So babe, what do you think about the tile in this picture?”

T-“Eh…I don’t really like those cabinets.”

K-“Well, ok, but the tile…what do you think about the tile?”

T-“Oh.  It’s ok.”


Picture #2-


K-“Well, what do you think about these cabinets? I like that cabinet between the sinks and the drawers in the middle of the base cabinets.”

T-“Eh…I don’t like how it’s so white.”

K-“OK…not the color necessarily, but the design.  See how much storage that would give us?”

T-“Oh.  Yeah.  Something like that might be good.”

Great – we’re making headway.

Picture #3-


K-“What do you think about that storage cabinet? We really need more storage in our bathroom.”

T-“Wow, I really like that tile!”

Someone…please help me.

Picture #4


K-“What do you think about this-not the color!-just how it’s painted wood other than white.  It’s kinda cool.  We could do like a cool taupe-y gray.”

T-“Ew…I hate that yellow.”

K-“I know, me too, but what do you think about having painted cabinets other than white?”

T-“I don’t like that yellow.”

K-“OK, so it’s a no on the painted cabinets.”

T-“Well, maybe if they were a different color.”

K-“Maybe a taupe-y gray?”

T-“Yeah, that might be cool.”

See how much fun this is!


So, here’s where we stand on our bathroom renovation ideas:

  • light colored tile
  • double vanity with storage between the sinks
  • possibly taupe-y painted cabinets

It’s a start.

So since I am having so much fun, I decided that I’d share the whole process here on my blog.  I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of the opportunity to experience this renovation right along with us.  It’s a barrel of laughs!

Peace, Your devoted renovation amabassador


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