Post-It Love Notes

A couple of weekends ago, Tripp and I were enjoying our usual Sunday morning routine – I get my coffee and he gets the paper and we sit in the living room together and read the newspaper.  Well I guess it’s just Tripp that “reads” the paper.  I check the ads and read the USA Today weekend edition.

So anyway, Tripp came across a story about Ree Drummond (aka ‘The Pioneer Woman’).  The article talked about her blog and new book.  Which then sparked the following conversation:

T – “Hey babe, did you know that The Pioneer Woman was coming to Tulsa?”

K – “Oh yeah?”

T – “Yeah.  A book signing.  She has a blog like you.”

K – “Yeah, I know.” (Who doesn’t know?)

T – “Is hers funny like yours?”  (God, I love this man.) 

K – “I think it is.  I like her recipes too.”

A conversation then ensues about different blog software, web hosting, domain names, etc.  I tell him the TINY amount I know about how blogs work. He then looks at me and says, “So if Ree Drummond is ‘The Pioneer Woman’, who are you?”

Ahhhh……the $64,000 question.

I just sat there and looked at him.  It’s such a simple question.  And except for the obvious – a wife and mother – I found it nearly impossible to answer so I just said, “Well, I guess I don’t really know.”

I’m pretty sure that when Tripp asked, he did not intend to open up a huge can of worms.  But really, it’s profound question for me.  So we talked a little more about it, but by then it was time to get Kelsey up and get ready for church.

So we went upstairs and I hopped in the shower while Tripp went to the office for his typical Sunday morning check of our retirement/savings accounts.  When I got out of the shower I found this on my bathroom mirror.


Who knew a post-it note could be a love letter. 

Quite honestly, I’ve never loved my husband more.  In the middle of my hormonally induced, soon to be empty nesting, mid-life crisis – here was my sweet husband with such a simple gesture of love. 

I am so grateful that he is my Valentine.

Love, Kelly


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wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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