One Thing Leads to Another

Or, more accurately…

How a package of chicken breasts ended up costing $140.77.


Here’s what happened…

Sunday afternoon I went for the package of chicken breast that I had defrosting in the refrigerator and discovered that the package had leaked all over the shelf. 


So I grabbed my trusty bottle of Clorox Clean-up and got to work wiping down the shelf.  Which then triggered the following chain of events:

  • “What the hell.  I might as well do the other shelves.”
  • “Well, I might as well clean out the fridge.”
  • “Hold old is this container of leftovers?”
  • “Guess I forgot about this package of green beans.”
  • “Why is there an empty jar of pickles back here?”
  • “How many jars of pickles does one family (who doesn’t really even eat pickles) need?”

So after 30 minutes my fridge looked like this.


And a proclamation from my family that there was nothing to eat in the house.

Which there wasn’t.

Which prompted a trip to the grocery store.

My dear husband, trying to score a few points to ensure an evening of uninterrupted football playoffs in front of the big TV, volunteered to take me.

Which meant I came home from the store with this.


And this.


And this.


So beware the next time you clean your fridge during football playoffs.  You could end up with $140 chicken breasts.

Your devoted public servant, Kelly


About Minding My Nest

wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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