Adventures in Winter Gardening

I had planned to plant these bulbs when I was on vacation between Christmas and New Year’s.  But between the holidays, my daughter’s hectic schedule, my husband changing jobs, and a few too many visit’s to the Insomnia Café, planting tulip and daffodil bulbs just kinda fell through the cracks.015

Oops…better late than never I suppose.021

Maybe instead of being a member of the Maple Ridge Garden Club, I should volunteer for the Crazytown Garden Club.

Anyway, it was a pretty day and not too windy (plus I’d been cooped up in the house way too much) so I figured, what the hell – I for sure won’t have any tulips if I don’t plant them.

I started on the side porch first.   I usually rotate this area with seasonal color.  Here you can see the dead mums I planted a few months ago and never got around to pulling out.023


I really love tulips planted en masse and all the same color.  This year I chose pink tulips.027

This is a first for me….never planted tulips in the snow before.  Guess there’s a first time for everything.028


After I finished out front,  I moved around to the back yard. I bought a bag of yellow tulips for the planters around our back porch.034

And I bought a bag of yellow narcissus bulbs to plant in this flowerbed.035

But before I could get started I had to fill in this ginormous hole.037


Did you do this????038

Can I interest anyone in an eight a year-old Bassett Hound?  He smells like dirty feet and has paws the size of cup saucers…

…but other than that he’s a great dog!  Just look at that face!041

Oh, who am I kidding.  I love this dog.  He keeps my seat on the couch warm for me.044

Anyway, once I got the giant crater filled it was pretty easy to get these bulbs planted.  It’s partially protected so it didn’t have the blanket of snow like the front flowerbeds.047

I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not too late. I guess if they can sprout in a bag sitting on the porch, there’s a fair chance they can make in the dirt where they belong.049

One more reason to look forward to spring!!

Peace, Kelly


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