Senior Picture Photo Carousel

My how scrapbooking has changed!

Since my quasi-hiatus, one of the biggest changes I have noticed is that scrapbooks are no longer constrained to books. Now those uber-creative super scrapbookers have come up with some really clever ways to display their handiwork.

As usual, I am little slow to catch on.

Anyway, I saw the 7 Gypsies Photo Carousel online and decided it would be the perfect way to display all of Kelsey’s senior picture proofs contained in this underwhelming proof book.


I’ve had this project in mind since the fall, but it took me a long time to come up with a theme that would pull it all together. But then I found this DCWV Mariposa paper stack at Hobby Lobby and got inspired.

This is the most beautiful paper and I thought the butterflies were a perfect symbol of my baby girl and her senior year. Then the search began for embellishments and other accents to further reinforce the theme. And I scoured the internet for quotations about butterflies and also included a few other familiar quotes that get used a lot with regards to seniors and graduation.

I put all those elements together and I’m really happy with how it turned out.



Here’s a page with one of the paper flowers I made with my recently discovered, handy-dandy mini squirt bottle.


I love these pocket inserts.


Here are a few of my favorite pages.





The thing I love most about this project is that it is both a scrapbook and a decoration that I can enjoy every time I walk into my room.


Peace, Kelly

(p.s. Please pretend that you don’t see the dust on my dresser.  Thanks!)


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