The Dungeon

Be afraid…be very afraid…006

This is my laundry room.002

And my utility room.001

And our place to things when we don’t have anywhere else to put things.010


Our house is nearly 100 years old and like most houses of this vintage, the laundry room is in the basement.  It’s incredibly easy for me to ignore this room and all the mess that accumulates – I hate doing laundry so I it’s not a place I like to hang out.   But since the dogs were having a hard time navigating the mountains of stuff on the floor to get to their kennels at night, I decided it was probably time to clean it up.

So Saturday morning I told Tripp I was going in and if he didn’t hear from me in a couple of hours to send in a search and rescue team.

Let’s see…what do we have here? This would be the drill I went to use for my wine cork Christmas ornaments with the dead battery…It should be charged now.  Oh and it looks like my ever growing pile of dog-chewed beach towels turned car washing towels.  Would you be surprised to learn that I haven’t ironed in while?015

I’ve been keeping the boat bag down here.  Here’s the boat bag – (note to self-We have plenty of sunscreen).


Oh hey…more scrapbook stuff!


This makes me want to cry.022

Three squeegies?  Seriously??033

Awwww…I love this picture.  I think I put it here so I would see it and remember to buy a frame for it.  Apparently that one fell through the cracks.029

Cool!  I needed a mini-spray bottle to make some paper flowers I saw on the internet!  Score!


Oh here’s a really scary place in our house…the stairs to nowhere.


This used to be the outside access to the basement, but when the previous owners added on to the back of the house, they just covered up the stairs.  Last winter, in an effort to minimize the draftiness in the basement, Tripp went all around the outside of the house looking for any nooks and crannies to seal.  And he did a very good job.  So good, in fact, that the critter that was hiding out in the stairs to nowhere was sealed in with no place to escape.  About a week later we started noticing a HORRIBLE smell in the basement.  I’ll just go ahead and let you draw your own conclusions here.  If it happens again, I’m calling Billy the Exterminator.

Yeah, I don’t think the Swiffer is going to cut it.035

Here’s the finished product. 


Looks so nice I might actually look forward to doing laundry.


But at least the drill battery is charged!  Now that’s exciting!

Peace, Kelly


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