Birthday Girl

Yesterday was my mother-in-law’s birthday. 

She and I share something in common (besides loving a guy named Tripp) – we were both born on a holiday.  She was born on New Year’s Day and I was born on Mother’s Day. 

Although that sounds like  it might be incredibly special, trust me…it’s really not.  Like anyone who happens to be born on a holiday will tell you, all it means is that your birthday gets lumped in with whatever holiday is being celebrated at the time. 

We try hard to do something special with “Pi” to celebrate her birthday.  Last night we took her out for a nice dinner and we arranged it so that the Sooners would finally win a Fiesta Bowl.


She was very touched.

Happy Birthday, Pi! 

(and just so you know…it was Tripp’s idea to get you blue PJ’s – I knew you preferred pink.) Winking smile

Love, Kelly


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