Three years ago today, this is what we woke up to.


Tripp and I laid in bed all night listening to the freezing rain.  We could see the flashing lights of transformers blowing up all around us.  And I’ll never forget the sounds of the booming crack of tree limbs failing under the weight of the ice followed by the eerie twinkling of ice falling to the ground.  We got up at daybreak and walked outside.  In every direction all we could see was broken tree limbs and downed power lines.



As the morning went on, things seemed to go from bad to worse.  More and more tree limbs were falling all around us.  Around 11:00 that morning we heard that distinctive boom/crack.  Before we could remark how loud and close it sounded, our whole house shook.  One of our old hackberry trees split in half…


…and landed on our house.  It took out two huge bradford pears on it’s way down.


Thankfully the main structure of the house was not affected.  But I’m not gonna lie…it was scary.  Navigating the treacherous streets was scary.  Going to the grocery store with no meat, dairy, and produce was scary.  Seeing my house like that was scary.


It’s such a trite platititude, but life goes on.  And like the greatest State Farm agent ever – God is and was always there through it all.

The porch was rebuilt and new trees have been planted.  It’s not exactly the same as it was, but maybe that’s OK.  Maybe that’s the point.  I’ve learned a lot about myself because of and since the ice storm.  What I’m trying to do better is have peace during the storm.  To not freak out and pray, pray, pray for the outcome that I want, but to have peace while the storm is raging knowing that God is watching over us. Knowing that whatever the outcome, God will provide for us and help us navigate the scary parts and help put the pieces back together.

The past few weeks my family has been dealing the with aftermath of a different kind of storm.  It’s rattled our foundation a little but thankfully no major damage has been sustained.  I don’t know how it’s all going to turn out, but I know God is here with us.  Helping us.  Guiding us.

Wishing you peace in whatever storms you might be facing.  Kelly


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wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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