Pumpkin and Low Light

My kid will no longer tolerate endless picture taking, Daisy runs and hides with her tail between her legs if she even sees the camera, Riley is over it…so it seems that Pumpkin is the only one in my family that will allow me to practice my photography skills. She looks thrilled doesn’t she?? 

It seems that a lot of the pictures I take these days are in low light situations so I experimented on Pumpkin the other night.  These pictures were taken with my normal lens and at 1600 ISO and on the aperture priority setting.

This photo was taken completely zoomed in on my  18-55 mm lens with an aperture of 5.0.  I’m pleased how sharp my camera caught Pumpkins whiskers.


So here I was trying to get the “catchlights” in her eyes.

I’ve read that a high ISO can cause a lot grain in a photo, but I think these photos are not that grainy. 

I like the “bokeh” here with my french doors in the background and how well the fluffiness of Pumpkins coat comes through in the photo.

Thanks to Pumpkin for sitting so patiently in front of the back doors while I played with my camera.

Peace, Kelly


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