I’ll be there for you

My daughter has discovered FRIENDS.

One of her friends at school has the entire series on DVD and is loaning her the DVD’s one season at a time.

I’ve watched a few episodes with her and had forgotten had truly funny it was. One of the episodes I watched with her was from season one. Phoebe had lost her job and went to work in Chandler’s office as his secretary. She told him how everyone hated him and mimicked his mannerisms. “Could that report BE any later?” Kelsey was laughing so hard it made her eyes water.

Man, I loved that show:

  • Chandler’s sarcastic one-liners
  • Pheobe’s Smelly Cat
  • Joey’s “How you doin?”
  • Monica’s neurosis
  • Rachel’s hair styles
  • Ross’s love-sick facial expressions

Kelsey has already devoured seasons one and two and loves the show. She told me that she likes seeing how things were “back in the day.” One of her comments was, “So did you really wear faded out jeans that came up to your belly button back then?”

I’m afraid I did.

Question…When did the 90’s become “back then”? Did I miss something?

I remember when the show came out in 1994.  FRIENDS was THE new show to watch that fall. Must See TV! Thursday nights were our TV night – FRIENDS, Mad About You, Seinfeld, and ER. (This was “back then” before the days of DVR’s, On Demand, and Hulu which allow one to watch any TV show on any day of the week.)

***Warning! Nostalgia Alert!!***

The truth is 1994 doesn’t seem like that long ago. We lived in a tiny little rent house in the Village in OKC. We still had the same, ugly navy-blue couch that we had in Stillwater only now it was covered in a giant floral slipcover that never seemed to stay in place. Tripp was working for an environmental lab and I had gone back to work that spring for an oil and gas service company. Money was really tight so our idea of a fun night out was eating at Johnnie’s or maybe seeing a movie at Penn Square Mall.

Our favorite thing to do, though, was hang out at home with our daughter. Kelsey was a busy toddler with the cutest face and big, happy grin. Her bangs had really grown out so I’d pull them up into her signature Bam-Bam ponytail.

(Oh dear… my heart is aching a little.)

She loved Barney and Winnie the Pooh, and her favorite books were One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and One Yellow Lion which we read over, and over, and over. That was also about time when she really started talking and would hold her arms up to me and plead, “Momma, hold you.”

kelsey crop

(Ok, so apparently I am a complete glutton for punishment today.)

Anyway, a lot has changed since 1994. I now have a busy teenager who regularly takes over the DVR with shows like America’s Next Top Model and Keeping up with the Kardashians. We have a nice home and nice furniture (although sometimes I think a slipcover over the couch might not be such a bad idea considering the amount of dog and cat hair that accumulates). And Kelsey and I no longer sport the “Bam-Bam” and “Rachel” hair-do’s respectively.

But thankfully, two things in my life haven’t changed – my husband still enjoys spending time with me and my daughter still needs me once in a while.

Life is *still* good.

Peace, Kelly


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