Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Being at the lake in the Fall has a completely different vibe than in the Summer.

The frenzy of boats and waverunners are no longer zigzagging across the water, and with the exception of an occasional fishing boat, the water is now calm and serene.  The once vibrant green trees have begun their transformation into the muted Autumn colors of rust, copper, gold, and amber.  The intense summer sun has softened and has a gentler effect on the entire landscape now.

It’s a beautiful time to be at the lake.

Tripp took the boat to get winterized this weekend.  Summer always seems to fly by, but this year especially so.  As I watched Tripp and Kelsey get the boat hitched to the truck, I started thinking about how different things will be this time next year…my baby will be in college.  If I’m not careful, thinking too much about it will send me spiraling into a melancholy mood and ruin an otherwise lovely day.

So today I choose to think about burgers at the Princess, laughs at the Dollar Store, and a Yahtzee/Scrabble marathon. 

It’s all good.

Peace, Kelly


About Minding My Nest

wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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