Ten Things – I Love About my Daughter

Every once in a while I feel the need to embrace my inner cry baby and this weekend turned out to be it.  Like most cry baby episodes it started so innocently – looking through a new scrapbook magazine.  Page after page of 1st day of school and cute baby projects left me with a really good case of the “bawlies” (what my mom likes to call these occasional, emotional episodes of mine).  So after a good cry, a long walk, and hard look in the mirror I finally got my act together.  Instead of dwelling on the fact that those wonderful baby milestones are a thing of the past and that I won’t be taking any more 1st day of school photos, I am channeling my best new age guru and expressing my gratitude with affirmations of love about my only wonderful, delightful child.

Here are 10 things I love about my daughter (in no particular order)

  • her sleepy, just woke up face
  • the funny, silly voices when she’s acting goofy
  • her rosy cheeks
  • her brilliant, genuine smile
  • the freckle on the bottom of her foot
  • her well-organized bathroom drawers
  • her responsible attitude toward homework
  • her long eyelashes
  • the fringe of baby hair at the top of her forehead
  • the way her eyes water when she gets to laughing hard

Wow.  How about that…looks like I still have lots of great things to scrapbook after all.

Peace, Kelly


About Minding My Nest

wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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