the sunday funk

what is the sunday funk you ask? well, it’s occasional foul mood i find myself in when i’ve gone and left all my housework, laundry, etc for sunday night and knowing that monday the whole crazy mess starts all over again. it’s kinda like that thing where a lot women feel the need to clean house before they go on vacation. my sunday expression of that neurosis is that i like having most of the laundry done and have the house somewhat straightened up before monday morning. start the week off right so to speak. nesting if you will.

at any rate, if i was ever going have a sunday funk, today would be the day. my nest is in for big changes. i’ve been dreading tomorrows monday for the past eleven years. tomorrow is the first day of my only child’s first day of school. her senior year specifically. —oh let’s go ahead and be really dramatic and maudlin for a minute! it’s her last first day of school. it’s the beginning of the end— ok. that’s enough. i feel better now. thanks.

all joking aside, the empty nest is looming on my horizon like a late summer thunderstorm rolling in from the west. all gray skies and ominous dark clouds. part of me wants to run down and hide in basement and come out when it’s all clear. the only downside to that is missing the smell of rain. and watching lightning dance in the sky. and sound of thunder in my chest. then the cool, calm fresh air once the storm has passed. there is so much beauty and power in a thunderstorm.

…on second thought, i think i’ll ride out the storm.


About Minding My Nest

wife, mom, not-so-empty nester.
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